Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites among Children (1-13) Years Age in Baquba City


In this research, was calculating the average Courier monthly wind speed and standard deviation of the winter and summer and the annual Lakes Razzazah and Jabber for the period 1990-1960 for the purpose of extracting a function probability distribution Whipple, by calculating my teacher distribution Whipple (shape parameter K and the parameter measurement A) winter and summer annual and was parameter values ​​for the measurement Razaza ranging between (3.7,4.08,3.2 m / s) and the shape parameter values ​​were (6.4,6.5,10.6), respectively, and either of Lake Thar Thar, the parameter measurement was (3.6,3.9,3.05 m / s) and teacher values ​​were shaped (5.65,6.1,9.35) were also represented graphically and extract a higher likelihood of recurrence for an average speed of winter and summer, and in terms of the distribution of the annual Whipple Whipple distribution was (0.65,0.59,1.22) and consecutive Razaza, either Lake Thar Thar, the higher values the likelihood of a repeat of the average Courier monthly wind speed is (0.58,0.58,1.06) Winter and summer and annual, as was calculated capacity of the wind in terms of the distribution of Whipple winter and summer, and the annual and the highest value in Razaza in summer (36.84 w / square meter) and the highest value in the Lake Thar Thar and amount (32.19 w / m) in the summer.