Design and rationing for some tests mental and physical capacity of the volleyball players using computer techniques


It included thesis presented and the importance of research and included that of a computer of great importance in various fields of life is reflected in the entry for various medical fields, engineering and education as well as in the field of sports specialist either research problem is the lack of testing specialist in the field of sports and that gives us a numerical value real actual recipe measured and aims to design The rationing tests mental and manufacturing test device to measure the flexibility and find degrees and levels of standardized test either hypothesis, that tests the mental and device designer and manufacturer under study measures the purpose for which it was for him either Part II has touched on the basic skills volleyball and what mental processes and the factors affecting them and what flexibility and types and importance and factors affecting them and range of motion of some joints either Part III evolved to include methodology used and the research sample of players volleyball and tools used and design steps of testing and scientific bases for testing and statistical methods either Part IV evolved to include presentation and discussion of results either Title V has included conclusions, including that tests under measured capacity to be measured as well as the device is designed to measure the flexibility measures purpose designed for him and test under discussion is characterized by ease of application and give tests under an indicator of the level of real per capita within the group and test flexibility for axis longitudinal body gives an indication of any directions characterized preferred (right Awaleiser) any whichever weak or strong as flexibility The most important recommendations are most tests are not specific to volleyball players, as well as testing flexibility does not apply to volleyball players but fit to test all the players in the games the difference and individual and use this test in comparative studies and its relationship to performance, including that the test in question gives an indication of the level and it must coaches training curriculum development to address the weaknesses in either hand.