The expression of CD44 in colorectal cancer and association with clinicopathological features


Background: Cluster of differentiation number 44 (CD 44) is a family of cell-surface adhesion molecules which exist in several isoforms arising from mRNA alternative and encoded by using gene located at chromosome 11 on the short arm p13. The CD44 gene is composed of 10 constitutively spliced exons and 10 variable exons, residing between constitutive exons 5 and 6.In colorectal carcinoma, the relationship between the expression of variant exons and tumor progression is controversial. Some studies have suggested that the expression of certain variant exons resulted in increased tumor progression, while other has no correlation. Objectives: Investigate CD44 immunoreactivity in colorectal carcinoma and determine the association with clinicopathological features. Material and methods: Paraffin- embedded tumor specimens from (70) patients with colorectal adenocarcinoma and (70) healthy control were assessed by immunohistochemisrty for the expression of CD44. Result: Statistical analysis of CD44 expression revealed highly significant difference in colorectal carcinoma patients than in control group. Also there were a relationship between CD44 expression and range of clinicopathological features. Conclusion: CD44 is robust marker for colorectal carcinoma.