Solving Time-Cost Tradeoff Problem with Resource Constraint Using Fuzzy Mathematical Model


Scheduling considered being one of the most fundamental and essential bases of the project management. Several methods are used for project scheduling such as CPM, PERT and GERT. Since too many uncertainties are involved in methods for estimating the duration and cost of activities, these methods lack the capability of modeling practical projects. Although schedules can be developed for construction projects at early stage, there is always a possibility for unexpected material or technical shortages during construction stage. The objective of this research is to build a fuzzy mathematical model including time cost tradeoff and resource constraints analysis to be applied concurrently. The proposed model has been formulated using fuzzy theory combining CPM computations, time-cost trade off analysis and resource constraint. MATLAB software has been adopted to perform ranking process, for each case, that facilitates obtaining the optimum solution. This research infers that it is possible to perform time-cost trade off analysis with resource restriction simultaneously, which ensures achieving scheduling optimum solution reducing the effort and the time when performing these techniques in succession using traditional methods.