Strategies to reverse logistics companies in the iraqi industrial company : Diyala General Electric industries a model: Exploratory study in Dyala company for Electrical industries


The research on the basic idea that meet the requirements of customers in getting rid of prescription products through the adoption of methods and modern systems, will maintain the sustainability of the requirements of the environment, increased under which competition between the companies, which require it to adopt the methods and systems of modern manufacturing in order to address the environmental challenges , and are these methods strategies supply reverse, and stems the importance of research being deals with methods that would preserve the natural environment and the disposal of prescription products, which lead to increase the value of the product, and formed the research sample of (34) of individuals employed who have the know-how in their field, and were tested the hypothesis search using analysis of variance and testing (Runs) to identify the disparity in commitment to the dimensions of research by the company surveyed, and concluded the search to a set of conclusions of the most important of the actual commitment by the company researched strategy environmental concern and the marketing strategy without commitment strategy recovery The important strategy is as the rest of the strategies in the company for this reason should not be overlooked to achieve excellence in cost reductionbased on the conclusions, researchers presented a set of recommendations that are consistent with these findings for the development of Iraqi companies and most important of these recommendations should be on the company Researchers adequate attention and equitable strategies to supply reverse order to achieve its objectives in reducing the cost and success of outstanding competitors.