Automated method for buried object detecting using ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a nondestructive geophysical technique that uses electromagnetic waves to evaluate subsurface information. A GPR unit emits a short pulse of electromagnetic energy and is able to determine the presence or absence of a target by examining the reflected energy from that pulse. GPR is geophysical approach that use band of the radio spectrum. In this research the function of GPR has been summarized as survey different buried objects such as (Iron, Plastic(PVC), Aluminum) in specified depth about (0.5m) using antenna of 250 MHZ, the response of the each object can be recognized as its shapes, this recognition have been performed using image processing such as filtering. Where different filters like (DC adjustment, triangular FIR, delete mean trace, FIR) have been applied on output image as well as the simulation of the soil and the buried objects layers have been obtained using GPR simulation program.