Measuring and analyzing the impact of financial crises on the main source for financing the public budget in Iraq) * Abstract:


Form recurrence of financial crises phenomenon disturbing and attention , and returns the reasons so that its negative effects were sharp and dangerous , because of the nature and cause of Ncaha , threatened political and economic stability of the countries in which they occur these crises , in addition to Machmlh these crises spread of contagion across multiple channels to include other countries many developed and developing , and the reason for this to the openness of the economic and financial witnessed by the countries affected by crises and other countries concerned, the financial crisis is a case of financial turmoil appears in one of the sections of the financial system one and extends to the regulations and other states within the country of the crisis spreading to other countries, depending on the severity The depth of the crisis. That the Iraqi economy is not in isolation from all these financial crises , the economy is the Iraqi economy is unilateral ( yield ) because of its heavy dependence and increasing returns of crude oil as a source of financing of the public budget , as it constitutes oil revenues, the largest and most important of the proceeds from general revenues compared to other income in Iraq , as the form of oil revenues accounted for 90 % of the proceeds from general revenues and weak contribution of tax revenue and other income in the outcome of overall revenues , which reflects the extent of the imbalance in the structure of public revenues , and that one of the negative effects of financial crises recession associated with crises , which is reflected clearly on global demand for crude oil , and thus drive up the prices of crude oil , and therefore, the exposure rate this resource economic turmoil will affect the outcome of the oil revenues and the Iraqi economy as a whole makes it vulnerable to these financial crises as a result of the low price of crude oil in the market.Search for