Isolation ,Identification and Determination The Antioxidant Activity Of Phenolic Compound To Some Plants Extracts


This study was conducted on selected Legume such as Phoseolus vulgaris L., Phoseolus aureus, Lens calinaris, Cicer arietinum L., Pisum sativum L. to investigate antioxidant activity, total phenolic content, total Flavonides, Reducing power, chelating Ions and scavenging hydrogen peroxide to the Legume ,the extraction process was done in to ways the first one with ethanolic (98% for 24 hours on Lab temperature) and the second using boiled distilled water for 30 minutes. The ethanolic extract of Phoseolus vulgaris L. shown superior there other total phenolic compound (27.16mg/g AGE Equv.).Total flavonides(30.38mg/g Rutin Equv.) in ethanolic extract of Phoseolus aureus than other extraction, the higher percentage of inhibition the per oxidation in linoleic acid system of ethanolic extract of Pisum sativum L., 64.17 % at 120mg/g. Also the ethanolic and water extracts of Pisum sativum L., show priority scavenging of Hydrogen peroxide there other Legume which were (80.39%,79.77%) respectively. Increasing the concentration led to increase of antioxidant activity. The extract of Pisum sativum L., was separated by Thin Layer chromatography and identification by Infra red spectroscopy and mass spectrometer.