“The studyof theof factors of age and sex in the incidence of Tuberculosis in the province of Basra”


Pulmonary tuberculosis can be considered to be a source of threat on the part of a great number of people for it is one of the infectious diseases from which both human beings and animals might possibly suffer a lot. This contagious disease may result from pollution in general and from malnutrition and chronic ventilation in particular. That is why the greatest majority of infection occurs among those living in places that lack health quality standards. Being an industrial city, Basrah has made its population more ready for such a kind of infection. Basra environment has been polluted twice. First so many firms have been throwing their waste into the environment continually and second, the two successive gulf wars have brought damage to a large number of industrial factories with chemicals that have led to air pollution and chronic ventilation. Furthermore, the economic embargo can also be a cause of having this disease among the poor. Apart from being a health issue, tuberculosis is a social, psychological and economic problem. This disease often spreads among the youths and adults who are well-prepared for getting married and forming new families. This disease prevents these young people from taking care of their households. This study deals with certain aspects of the problem; namely, the ones of health consequences. It is a case study that concentrates on Basrah Governorate by taking a random sample from itsa Center for Tuberculosis. It is the center where 80% of the infections are often received. The percentage differences have been studied in relation to the two factors of sex and age. It has been concluded that a high percentage of infection covered male subjects of 15-55 years of age. Of course, man can be most productive at this age.