Effect of Materials and Stabilizers Type on the Strength of Base Layer


Pavement is defined as multiple layers system and the strength of each layer is reflected on the pavement as whole. Two type of materials used as base layer, conventional granular materials and reclaimed concrete aggregate (RCA) materials. This study presents test results and discusses the effect of lime-silica fume on strength of base layer as stabilizer. Also, a comparison is made between the changes that occur in treated base layer and untreated base layer. Combination of lime - silica fume is used as stabilizer with (1, 3, 5, 7) % and also cement stabilizer is used with (0.5, 1.5) %. Comparison between treated and untreated base layer is made in terms of strength. The material of base layer is conventional base material taken from Al-Nibaee quarry. Samples with three replicates of each possible combination are performed. A total of (68) samples is prepared and subjected to compressive strength test. The obtained results indicate an increase in the strength of base material by factor of increment about (2.56) when Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate (RCA) is used. Also, at (5%) lime -silica fume stabilizer, the factor of increment increases in the strength by about (42.248) more than the untreated samples.