Theoretical and Experimental Study of Hydraulic Actuators Synchronization by Using Flow Divider Valve


A common problem in hydraulic applications is the synchronization of multi cylinders that must match each other’s position. Stroke length depends on the volume of oil delivered to the cylinders, and moving them together requires equal oil flow to each cylinder as well as diameters .Oil leakages, pump slip, changing workloads, and varying friction loads could also affect oil delivery. Flow divider valve has been used to control the motion of dual actuators. To control pressure, flow rate and displacement, pressure transmitters, flow sensors and position sensors. Three values of oil operating temperatures (40, 45, 50) oC have been used to show the effect of the temperature and the compressibility also will be studied. Different weights have been used to produce different pressures (4, 10) bar. Matlab/Simulink will be used to represent the mathematical model to the system. Also schematic diagram of the hydraulic circuit has been done by Automation studio program