The Effect of Terpenoidic, Alkaloidic and Phenolic Leaves Extract of Ricinus communis (L.) In Controling Pupa Stage at Each Ages 24 And 120 hours of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptra : Bruchidae).


A laboratory study made for detection the effect of terpenoidic, alkaloidic and phenolic extracts of castor leaves on each 24 and 120 hours age of pupa stage of cowpea weevil C. maculatus by using 3%, 5% and 7% concentration of each one of these extracts. The 7% concentration made the best spilling percentage at each phases which reach 90% for 24hours phase and 75% for 120 hours phase. Even the terpenoidic, phenolic and alkaloidic extract had high levels in partial arising and malformations that appear clearly at the 65% of malformation caused by terpenoidic extract when 120hours phase treated with it and 30% of partial arising and malformations caused by the 3% concentration of alkaloidic extract on 120hours stage.