(Problems with the implementation of the physical education lesson in junior high school for girls from the viewpoint of the directors and teachers spend the jurisdiction of Kufa)


The study consists of five doors has included door first presented and the importance of research in which touched on the importance of physical education lesson in junior high school for girls, while focused the importance of research on the statement of the importance of the study of weak interest in studying physical education at the junior high school for girls what this lesson from an active role in education Public and less importance for the rest of the lessons in the schoolAnd also contained the first door on the goal of a search (detection of problems facing the implementation of the physical education lesson in junior high school to spend Kufa).While ensuring the second door on topics including theoretical studies (contemporary philosophy of physical education, physical education concepts in the field of the school, the role of the Ministry of Education physical education (While we believe that Part III contains the research methodology as was used descriptive approach to suitability nature of the problem while the sample was from a group of teachers of Physical Education and principals of junior high school for girls in the district of Kufa, then the researcher prepared form questionnaire includes ten statements were distributed to a sample Search and after a few days the forms were collected from the sample and then dump the data and processed statistically.After the results were discussed in Section IV and the light of the results put the researcher several conclusions, including the (lack of culture of the community studied the philosophy of physical education is one of the main problems facing the studied physical education in girls' schools) and in the light of the conclusions put researcher recommendations, including (you must give importance to He studied physical education along with the rest of the lessons).