Developing a training program for the forms of speed and its impact on the speed of the performance of soccer players


Part I contains a definition as research objective of this research: To determine the effect of the training program for the forms of speed on the speed performance of football playersFind imposed the training program for the forms of speed has the effect of statistical significance in the development of the speed performance of football players.Part II contains the theoretical as the researcher tackles to what speed and forms and types, and how to develop them.The chapter also included similar studies.Part III The researcher tackles to the method which used as its the experimental method . the sample of this research were players of Belady football club, also tackles search procedures, which included experience reconnaissance as well as tests tribal and also included the experiment Home and implementation of training curriculum and finally was mentioned means statistical used.In chapter IV the researcher tackles to display the results which analyzed and discussed in a scientific manner.The fifth chapter, the researcher reported the most important conclusions and recommendations that have been reached, including: -1.Attention to speed because the coach depends on the performance of the attack plans which is basic and effective way to surprise defenders.2.Speed proved to be very useful the event of a player `s play as quickly as possible in possession of the ball.3.That coach must be care of starting and transition speed and to consider that it is very important combined to the player to provide a high level of technical official during the game.4.The coach must care about the elements of fitness as important as skill as well as important as playing plans.