Defects Analysis of Tee-Section Welding Using Friction Stir Welding Process of Aluminum


Friction stir welding (FSW) of Tee-joints is obtained by inserting a specially designed rotating pin into the clamped blanks, through top plate (skin) to bottom plate (stringer), and then moving it along the joint, limiting the contact between the tool shoulder and the skin. The present work aims to investigate the defects occur for Tee-joint of an Aluminum alloy (Al 5456) with dimensions (180mm x 70mm) for the skin plate, (180mm x 30mm) for stringer plate and thickness of (4mm). The effects of welding parameters such as rotational speed, linear speed, plunging depth, tool tilting, and die radii of welding fixture on the welding quality of Aluminum Alloy will be studied. Weld defects had been summarized and studied, and then the best conditions that led to good welds had been estimated.