Proposing a Secure URL Shortening Service by using Blackboard Architecture


URLs can get long, unattractive, and break when sent via e-mail. To shorten an Internet address, we proposed a secure URL shortening service which will take a long Web address and create a shorter address that will not break in an e-mail posting by using the Blackboard architecture. Security is considered in the proposed service to prevent hacking because shortened links may stop working or requests can be redirected to advertising websites and/or websites containing malware. The Blackboard is updated continuously by KS and it holds all the data concerning the URL shortening by storing all the intermediate solutions until the final solution of the problem of URL shortening is found. The knowledge sources that are proposed in the Blackboard system include: (URL Validation, URL Statistics, and Secure URL shortening).As a result the proposed secure URL shortening service will give the user more trust to use the service with security, availability, and confidentiality consideration as compared to the available used services.