Clinicopathological Study in Patients With Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in Babylon


Objective : This study was performed to assess Hashimoto’s thyroiditis from clinicopathological aspect and thyroid function. Patients and methods: A prospective study of 175 patients underwent thyroid surgery at the Hilla teaching general Hospitals were undertaken between Jan 2006 till Oct 2009 in order to study the percentages of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis to the total cases which were taken and also to know the correlation between thyroid function and histopathological status in those patients whom diagnosed as hashimotos thyroiditis. Results: Of 175 patients underwent thyroid surgery, 18 cases diagnosed as hashimotos thyroiditis, 10 of them were in a hypothyroidism status and 4 cases in those patients more than 90% of thyroid follicles were destructed suffering from severe hypothyroidism, 3 cases presented with moderate hypothyroidism 70-90% of thyroid follicles were destructed,3 cases with mild hypothyroidism , the thyroid follicles lost about 50-70% of total thyroid follicles, 4 cases subclinical hypothyroidism <50% of follicles were damaged , 2 cases were euthyroid and the last one the histopathological finding was hashotoxicosis and functionally the patient was thyrotoxic.Conclusions In recent years, the incidence of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is on the rise. Most cases diagnosed as hashimotos thyroiditis were in a hypothyroidism status There are strong correlation between histopathological assessment of the destruction of the thyroid follicles and thyroid status.