Building a cubit of the Direction of young players towards the Rules and Referees of volleyball


Specialists in psychological quantification try to find accurate and sincere devices to measure psychological aspects to reach the level of the same accuracy which researchers in the field of objective or physical anology have reached , but this seems difficult to achieve for the fact that there are problems and difficulties in measuring phenomena.These difficulties include that psychological characteristics are a abstract conception . They are hypothetic identities there measuring is indirect can be denoted throw competence or behaviour in situations related to the phenomenon itself.( ) It is also noticed that psychological quantification for phenomena or psychological aspect, but a simple of it . This is because the determination of domain of behavior which represent that aspect is not possible, in addition to the difficulty of including all the domain in the cubit. . The non-availability of devices to measure the psychological aspects of young players towards the rulers of games and their referees is one of the problems that face researchers, coaches and administrators. The problem of the research is how to build a cubit of the direction of young players towards the rules and referees . The researcher aims at building a cubit of young players' directions towards the rules and referees and volleyball. Young player Middle East Clubs taking part in volleyball league of Iraq were the human domain season 2013 – 2014 . The researcher has used the descriptove curriculum with a scanning style in measuring the physchological direction for young players in the clubs of Middle East Provinces .After data collecting and static treatment , the researcher has concluded that :1-It is possible to measure the direction of young players towards the rules and referees of volleyball by using a certain cubit upon these players.The researcher has acknowledged that : 1-The researcher acknowledged that : he shoud make use of the cubit which has been found in this study in the process of measuring the directions of young players towards the rules and referees of volleyball.2-Building other cubits which deal with the rules of other games and their referees particularly football, handball and basketball.