Causes of Scientific Level Depression in Iraqi Universities (Tikrit and Anbar Universities) As a Sample


The universities in Iraq consider the stone corner to build the scientific pyramid and the base of scientific competition among world countries, and as result of the security and civilization escape the scientific level in Iraqi universities lowered in general. The researcher chose two universities in Iraq, and he studied the scientific level percentage in them through field census distribution for the masters and students samples (boys and girls) and the study was a field study in different sections of the both universities, and it was clear for him many causes, as follows :-1- Weaknvgess of language faculty 2- The western cultural invasion 3- Lack of expenditure on education and scientific search 4-The excessive social intercourse and carelessness of the main object of the education 5- Science ask not for Allah sake The searcher showed through the theoretical census the most important ways to cure this depression in order to uplift the higher education in Iraqi universities and format a skilled committees to examine the master’s capabilities and develop their abilities and choose the scientific background students