Maternal risk in teenage pregnancies


Background: Early marriage and confinement are contributing factors to high maternal mortality and morbidity.Objective: To identify the maternal complications of teenage pregnancy.Patients and Methods: A hospital based cohort study was undertaken among pregnant ladies admitted to Baghdad teaching hospital. The study group comprised of teenage mothers between 15-19 years old and a control group of mothers between 20-24 years old in their first pregnancy. Data included socio-demographic characteristics, ANC, medical and obstetrical complications, mode of delivery .Results:. The study group include 228 primigravida aged between (15-19)years and the control group composed of 272primigravida aged between (20-24)years.There is statistically significant difference between the two groups in educational level (p=0.0001), antenatal care (p=0.0001) , anemia (p=0.0001), hypertensive disorders [ OR-95%CI=10.96 (4.15-35.51) *], elective cesarean section[ OR-95%CI=2.13(1.2-3.85)*] Conclusion: The study shows that poor educational level ,poor ANC , medical problems complicating pregnancy ,operative deliveries are higher in teenagers.