The Textual Coherence in the Poetry of Ahmed Mutar “Al-Ashaa Al-Akheer” poem as an example.


The voiced sounds are the highest in number compared with the voiceless sounds. The hissing sounds support the sad tension through its strength which increases with the increase of the poet’s emotions.As concerning the rhyme, we find Ahmed Mutar varying poetic foots between the no restricted rhyme and the restricted one, producing confused portions with which the sound segments are affected by that confusion. With the vertical poem we find non-restricted rhyme depending on the “n” sound which communicates the sufferings of the poet. On the grammatical level, the negation tools became a carrier of the feelings and it revealed the duals and contradictions. This made the negation reveal the facts and prove the truth.The conjunction tools worked as a an organizer of the pain feelings, hence, when the emotions are high we find the poet uses the conjunction tools a lot as if they were a connection between the following and the preceding events as if they were one scene.Supplement in the poem had two benefits, first, drawing the attention of the recipient towards a new contradicting meaning, second, paying attention to the balance between two conflicted meanings producing a strong meaning in the first and a weakened one in the second.The dependent pronouns are used more than the independent ones for its closeness from the bitterness and sorrow.