Readability (Levels – Factors Affecting it – Difficulties of Application)


The first recorded attempts in what is called readability is done by the religious teachers aiming at simplifying religious books' learning. They focused on the study of the word and concept to recognize the common and popular words (Yunis, 1975, p. 142). Arabic heritage contains a lot about writing and writers. This heritage appeared at the end of the first century of hegira ( 7th century A.D.) and the beginning of the second century of hegira. Since then, ideas gathered and rhetoric was found; the rhetorical rule "For each situation, there is a proper speech" probably referred to an aspect in readability (Yunis, 1975, p. 36). The Telmodians were interested in readability when they studied words and concepts aiming at differentiating meanings from their writing to Telmods. Educationalists were then interested in words and began to study the elements of difficulty in children's reading from a long time.