Synthesis and Characterization Chromogenic Reagent and Its Spectrophotometric Determination of Cu (Π)


A simple,Sensitive spectrophotomettric method was proposed for the micro determination of Cu(ᴨ) using the synthesized P-bis (4-chloro phenyl-imine) phenylenes (p-b(cpi)p). The method was based on the formation of (1:3) complex between the Cu(Π) and the ligand. The optimum conditions for the determination were established, The beer's law Was applicable in the rang (1-25)μg/ml. The complex has maximum absorption at 470 nm and molar absorption coefficient and stability constant of the complex was found to be ( 7.7×103 )L.molˉ¹.cm‾¹(4.8×107) respectively .The limits of detection and quantitation for the developed method are (1.12 ×10-2 )and (3.38 ×10-2 )µg ml-1respectively. The method was simple, sensitive, accurate and was successfully applied for the determination of copper (II).