Identify the most important physical tests for middle schoolers Using factor analysis


The importance of research to identify the most important physical tests which fit the intermediate stage the age of 14 years and the aim of the researcher to: 1) identify the most important elements of fitness among middle school students aged 14 years. 2) Identify the simple factorial structure of the most important tests of physical fitness among middle schoolers aged 14 years. The researcher used the descriptive approach was tested in a manner survey research sample intentional way and their number (100) students were conducting tests to find the scientific basis and make her the most important factor analysis tests have reached the researcher to the most important conclusions are: 1) was reached nine most important factors for the tests in the light of the factor analysis. 2) Futura six factors were being fulfilled the required conditions. The main recommendations are: 1) This study tests work. 2) conducting similar studies on other samples.