Identifying the most important skill tests for the selection of junior handball players


Researcher's knowledge and review of the literature of the game and so that there is a deficiency in the messages and Alatarih selection. And selection is based on personal experience and random observation transient and accident and these methods can not lead to the results of an honest and objective hence the research problem as hopes researcher through his study of this access to the results of objective and accurate in pick and choose the players and that can contribute to the upgrading of players soccer hand for the better. Thus emerged the following questions:1 - What is the most important tests that measure basic skills of junior handball players?2 - tests of skill are some factors gathered can be accepted and draw standby battery to measure skills of junior handball players?Research objectives: 1 - to identify the level of performance of the basic skills of junior handball players in Basra province .2 - determine the global construction simple to the most important skill tests for junior handball players. The researcher used the descriptive style survey and the sample of youngsters Center Asmaee handball included measures purely on content analysis of the sources and then collect the tests and reached the 11 test of basic skills and incorporated in the factor analysis and a recycling orthogonal by using Alvaremax, which resulted in four tests and thus reach researcher into the most important conclusions are1 - Determine the global construction simple basic skills tests handball3 - that the tests that have been reached from which to choose the junior handball playersRecommendations:1 - Adoption of the tests that have been reached in the tests for the selection of youngsters3 - to conduct a study similar to other games