Synthesis And Characterization Of New Imidazole derivatives


Synthesis new compounds of 1,3-oxazole 5(H) one by cyclization of amino acid (Glycine) with acetic anhydride and then react the compound (1) with different substituted aldehyde to give the oxazole derivatives compound (2 a-c) .Imidazole was synthesized by reaction of compounds (2 a-c] with hydrazine hydrate (95%) to give compounds (3a-c). imidazole derivatives reaction with chloro ethyl acetate to give ester derivatives (4 a-c),after that added thiosemicarbazid to the ester derivatives to formed compounds (5a-c) the last react with H2SO4 and NH3 to give thiadiazole derivatives (6 a-c). The synthesized compounds were elucidated using some spectral data: FTIR,1HNMR.