Determination of Anthocyanins Content in Prosopis farcta L. Callus Cultures


The current study succeeded to initiate callus cultures of Prosopis farcta L. from hypocotyls stems which induced on the agar-solidified MS* medium supplemented with 4.0 mg/ L TDZ alone or with addition of 1.0 mg/ L NAA. Callus initiation percent reached 100% after 7 days of culture when hypocotyls stem segments were cultured on MS medium with addition of both TDZ and NAA. Whereas when TDZ alone were added initiation percent reached 60%. The results revealed detection of high amount of Anthocyanins which reached 440.98 µm/gm of fresh weight of callus cultures, grown on MS* medium supplemented with 1.0 mg/ L NAA and 4.0 mg/L TDZ, then 182.24 µm/gm of fresh weight of callus grown on MS with addition of 4.0 mg/L TDZ alone.MS* : MS medium with increasing KNO3 to 2000 mg/ L, Thiamine-HCl to 0.5mg/ L, Pyrodoxine-HCl to 1.0 mg/L