Detection of cancer stem cell in invasive ductal carcinoma of breast using CD44marker


The breast cancer is the most common non-skin malignancy in women. Prognostic factors are important in predicting disease. Malignant tumors are composed of a small population of distinct cancer cells, termed cancer stem cells (CSCs) possess characteristics of both stem cells and cancer cells, in that they have the properties of self-renewal, asymmetric cell division, resistance to apoptosis, independent growth, tumourigenicity and metastatic potential. Objective of this studythat detect cancer stem cell of breast cancer patients by using CD44 and study the compares between patients with breast cancer and patients with benign breast lesions. This study which included 31 patients with breast cancer and 19 patients with benign breast lesions Prognostic factors were registered including: age, histopathological subtype, degree of differentiation. Results of this was Positive expression ofCD44 was observed in 16 cases, while 15cases were negative expression of CD44 out of 31samplesof breast cancer. In Benign1cases were positive expression, while 18 cases were negative expression. CD44 expression showed high significant difference between malignant breast samples and benign samples (P <0.001).