Measurement of radon and uranium concentration in soil samples from Babylon cement plant using nuclear track detector CR-39


In this study, concentrations of radon and uranium were measured for twenty six samples of soil. The radon concentrations in soil samples measured by registrant alpha-emitting radon (222Rn) by using CR-39 track detector. The uranium concentrations in soil samples measured by using registrar fission fragments tracks in CR-39 track detector that caused by the bombardment of U with thermal neutrons from 241 Am-Be neutron source that has flux of 5 ×103n cm-2 s-1.The concentrations values were calculated by a comparison with standard samples The results show that the radon concentrations are between (91.931-30.645Bq/m3).The results show that also the uranium concentrations are in soil samples under 0.051-0.0079ppm.