1-DOF Model for Fluid-Structure-Interaction Vibration Analysis


In this paper an attempt to provide a single degree of freedom lumped model for fluid structure interaction (FSI) dynamical analysis will be presented. The model can be used to clarify some important concept in the FSI dynamics such as the added mass, added stiffness, added damping, wave coupling ,influence mass coefficient and critical fluid depth . The numerical results of the model show that the natural frequency decrease with the increasing of many parameters related to the structure and the fluid .It is found that the interaction phenomena can become weak or strong depending on the depth of the containing fluid .The damped and un damped free response are plotted in time domain and phase plane for different model parameters It is found that the vibration free response is still sinusoidal for weak FSI coupling ,however for strong coupling it behaves as modulated periodic response .To justify some of the theoretical aspects such as; the effects of the fluid density and the interact shape on the natural frequency an experiment was conducted .The results of the experiment shows a good agreement with the theory where the error is not exceeded 7%.