The impact of a proposed training curriculum in the development of transitional speed and fast attack singles for young players reel hand


The research aims to identify the impact of vocabulary training curriculum proposed in the development of speed transition and fast attack singles handball players young people participating in the League clubs Iraq handball youth , to solve one of the problems facing the development of the game in Iraq, but a lack of the use of fast attack in the games and weakness most of our local teams in the performance of such a type of attack in the games the required speed and its importance and influence in the outcome of the game he wanted to solve this problem, the researcher developed a training curriculum for it. As the researcher used the experimental method with two Almtkavitin experimental and control groups , as was the selection of the research community way intentional players from the club Diyala sports for youth handball , were divided into two experimental and control the way the simple random ( the way the draw ) , has yielded results for the training curriculum of the proposed shares speed in the development of the transition to the members of the research sample , as well as his contribution to the development of fast attack the individual they have, has been recommending the need to adopt the proposed training curriculum for the development of transitional speed and fast attack singles in developing performance requirements for handball players.