Analysis of the relationship between organizational trust and organizational commitment survey in the constituencies of the retirement and social welfare in the city of Tikrit


This research includes the organizational Trust and organizational Commitment offices of social care in Tikrit town, the problems of this study, the increase the organizational Trust of employee in the organization. This reflects on the organizational Commitment of the employee without value, so this paper contains the personal stockholders from the organization. This research has many conclusions: The organizational Trust as strategic assets. Can not Traditional from anther.
2- The results of description of near Studies
A- Agreement point of view the sample of the study about organizational Trust in the Researchers organization.
B- Agreement point of view The personal variables about Responsibilities to our organizations, the value of x (78, 79).
3- The results Explain Correlation between organizational Trust and organizational Commitment
4- The Benchmarking among the last results between The organizational Trust in all The Dimensional had abilities in forecasting by organizational Trust from The relationship and Correlation , all This results came with agreements about the conceptual Approaches from organizational Trust and The effect of support The organizational Commitment This research ends with many conclusions. The top management must be support the organizational Trust with the employee to achieve the organizational Commitment and Support the ethics, Behavioral value, participation, promotion the Trust and Commitment in the organization