Analysis of the communications system Althaririadrash applied in the Ministry of Health


The aim of this research is to analyzing the written communication system which has been used in the ministry of health in order to diagnoses the barriers & problems of that system & improve it and finally design a new model for communication system. So this research has two sides: The first one is the theoretical side talk about the conception, importance, elements of communication, the technical effect on the communication and some of its application
The second side is the practical which was applied in the ministry of health specially in the units of export , import , storage and the follow up unit of internal Organization of the ministry.
this study focuses on the work size, work procedure &its timing, ways of distribution of written communication and study registration of communication in side of the different copy books also the study include the analysis of framework of ministry the result of study find different types of barriers which lead to many problems for written communication as delay, loses ,manipulation and other problems.