Use of network management to demonstrate the impact of leadership behavior effectiveness in achieving total quality management


This research attempts to identify and illustrates the impact of using the network management factors including the characters and attitudes of (don't care, insisted, social club , compromise rs and team managing ) depending on implementing (TQM) including (Customer, satisfaction, continuous improvement and employees participation) in the general company of Electrical Industries as a case study . In order to achieve the objectives of this research a questionnaire has been designed then distributed on a sample of 30 personals of the middle rank of the company to collect data. Statistical techniques have been employed to reach results. The Conclusions have been reached and recommendations are offered. The main Conclusions refer that there is no specific leadership pattern for all of the researched company managers. It is also proven that a significant relation and effect is pointed out between the leadership pattern and the Total Quality Management. This paper recommends that it is necessary to adopt a leadership pattern of team management type to lead the company. The company should also adopt the state of the art leadership