The application of extent of quality management standards control Labor and its impact in reducing cases administrative corruption


Concentrated research topic in the study of key variables in the work of the inspectors general offices , which are in the application of quality management standards audit work and reduce the incidence of corruption. It highlights the importance of current research in being a serious attempt aimed at highlighting the role of the importance of standards of quality management audit work , because they represent a router and leader of the accountant or ( Sergeant ) in the performance of his work and the extent of compliance with these standards , as well as highlight the role of quality audit in reducing the incidence of corruption , of during the professional performance of Higher auditors and determine the responsibilities entrusted to them and proceed to raise the quality of the process audit and to meet the challenges and risks that committed public money , and to understand the nature of the relationship between the variables Monday studied, was the adoption of standards quality management audit work variable independent of the dimensions of the four, is ( professional requirements , skills and competencies , distribution of tasks , guidance and supervision ), and reduce the incidence of administrative corruption variable dependent through indicators five , she ( bribery, exploitation of office, embezzlement, theft, fraud, forgery, mediation and nepotism ), and in order to achieve this goal has adopted this research hypothetically blueprint reflects the logical relationship between the variables of the search . For the purpose of the application of this research and testing hypotheses has been selected sample of (7) from the offices of the inspectors general of the (36 ) operating in Iraqi ministries they represent one of the most important regulatory agencies operating in the country , and in the light of the results reached search a set of conclusions was the most important ( poor knowledge of some of the auditors in the offices of inspectors general in Iraq standards, audit , and in particular the international standard (220) special audit quality , in particular, through what is shown by the results of a proportion of neutral ( 41.3 %) to acquire adequate knowledge of the concept of quality of performance in accordance with ISA Bank). He concluded Find a set of recommendations notably ( strengthen and consolidate went offices of inspectors general to develop and improve the management quality of audit work through the development of guidelines or standard under which measure the level of quality management audit work or regulatory reporting , order to be a reference to the departments and agencies in the preparation of reports , as well as the development of organizational unit in a competent offices under the supervision of compliance with the application of quality management standards audit work , as well as the application of the concepts and thought this trend evenly in pan offices).