Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for Electric Geyser Product by Using Goal Programming applicative research in the general company of electrical industrialization


Material Requirements Planning System (MRP) is considered as one of the planning and controlling of production and inventory systems which is used to prepare plan of the final production requirements and its parts of subcomponents raw materials and the time at which it was needed for the purpose of preparing orders of production and purchase.The problem of the present work is represented in the general company of electrical industrialization adoption of traditional methods and personal experience of the process of the products andor purchase quantity and inventory quantities and limiting the required time for acquiring the required quantities of the materials and parts used in the finish product of the company, in addition to the multi goals of the company which is wanted to do according to its importance at the same time, enjoined the use of the method of goal programming to build a multi goals mathematical model for material requirements planning for the electrical geyser as a research sample general company of electrical industrialization in Al_Waziriya, the period of planning was limited by three months for the year of 2012 (July, August and September), And used in the model solution and get the results the program ready (LINGO-Ver.13).The mathematical model acquired its special importance from its applicability in any company and productive factory after making simple adjustments on it. The present work reaches some conclusions, the most important ones was that the goal programming is considered of the efficient best methods in management since in dealing with multi andor conflicting goals. According to research results, many recommendation was put, the most important recommendation was the expansion in implementation of mathematical methods while planning to make a decision instead of traditional methods for its goals scientific potentials offers in controlling on circumstances and decision limitations and to achieve the best results with a available resources.