The Effect of importance in the Intellectual Capital On Internal control Systems Analytical Research in A sample of general inspectors’ offices in Iraq


The research aims to know the influence of the intellectual capital on the internal control system in a sample of General Inspection Offices in Iraq. The research includes a sample of individuals who are working in these offices total sample (46) individuals distributed according to functional levels (General Inspector, Deputy Inspector General, and Director) , The data and information were collected by using questionnaire, which is done for this purpose, as well as personal interviews in order to reach to the results that achieve the aim of this research , Two hypotheses were formed , the first hypothesis consists of (4) secondary hypothesis , All these hypotheses were tested by using statistical tools such as (percentages, frequency, mean and standard deviation, Pearson coefficient Spearman correlation coefficient, Kendall correlation coefficient, Simple regression coefficient) , The research reached a set of conclusions, the most prominent of these conclusions are the intellectual capital influence on the internal control system , and this will give a strong motive to necessity of investment in it by the Offices of General Inspection. The researcher puts a set of recommendations , which the most important of them is that the administrations of these Offices must go to know the concept of the intellectual capital , its elements and how to get the profit from it by considering it as an essential and an important source among the sources of these offices , It is necessary to invest the positive relation between the constituents of the intellectual capital and internal control system.