Rh Incompatibility: Prevalence, Knowledge and Attitude for Premarital Test Couples.


Objectives of the study: The study aims to determine the extent of the spread of knowledge, attitudes direction of blood group mismatch between couples Methodology:Conducted cross-sectional on 550 couple study in Rusafain Baghdad, for the period from 15th of January through April 2012 in the three specialized centers for screening couples before marriage which is Alawite,July 14, and Jamal al-Moussawi. The examinations before marriage include the examination of immune deficiency, and examination Special syphilis in addition to the screening of blood type for married couples. The study included all couples who reviewed during this period, voluntarily and without exception, giving them a copy of the questions prepared in advance to find out some details about the subjects included age, sex , educational attainment , and blood type for each pair.Data was analyzed by using percentage and chi square. Result: The highest prevalence rate among the holders of blood group (A) as it was 30.1 %, followed by holders of blood group (f) was 29.6 %, then the holders of blood type (b ) 27.2 % , and finally the holders of blood type ( AB ) it was 13.1 % The study found that the proportion of negative blood type was 4.2 % , including 3.6 % among females and 4.75 % for males. Also found that 41.7 % of the subjects knew about the nature of the tests performed as explained to them. Study that there is a relationship between the level of academic achievement for the pair and conviction Balmarjah examination , as was found to respond more educated couples ( 27.2 % ) while the least are illiterate ( 0.5% ).Conclusions: Less than half of the study group knew about the blood test done for them.Subjects with higher education gave the highest rate of true response,the illiterate on other hand gave the lowest true response about which case results in incompatibility.young age group attends their families and relatives for counseling about incompatibility , while the older age group attend medical advice at a higher rate .Recommendations: There is a great demand for a large sample to elevate the knowledge level aboutthe Rh incompatibility. Premarital test should :be emphasized on for screening and education.