Prevalence of Burns in Females in Mosul City


Aim:The aim ofpresent descriptive study resumption to appear extent prevalence of burn in female in Mosul city.Methodology: The sample was collecting from review the register for burn unit in AL-Jaumhory Teaching Hospital during one year (2012). It registry (244) burn case. Where (115) male, and (129) female with ages ranged between (1 - 80) years old for period from(1st January 2012 to 31st December 2012). Data was analyzedthrough inferential statistical approach were used. This approach is employed through (Percentage, Mean and Standard deviation).Results:The present study found high burn percentage at patient aged between (21 – 30) year (34%), its percentage were (21-30%. Flame the main causes of burn with percentage (53%), while scald with percentage (46%). Face and chest more than another part of the body were (33% and 23) respectively ,the duration of staying in burn unit (1 – 5) day were (31%). Death of children from the femaleincluding (21%).Conclusion: The study showed that the maximum incidence of burn injury seen in females. Most of the patient were in the agegroup of (21-30)years. Most burns were domestic, in low socio-economic class and in house – wives.Most of the burn injury caused by flam.Recommendation:The study recommended guidance to community to preventable, educational programs might to reduce the incidence of burn injury. Guidance to family to put directories of gas service station should be maintain at home so as to ensure immediate repair of any fault in the cooking appliances.