Studying the Effect of Some 23 Additives on Fire - Retardant and Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Composite Experimentes in the Holy Karbala


In this investigation, the effect of four types of inorganicphosphors salts on flammability and mechanical properties,of unsaturated polyester reinforced with glass fibers havebeen studied; also, the influence of two types form of glassfibers (E-Glass), on flammability and mechanical propertiesof the composite, have been studied. Sheets of compositeswith different weight percentage of additives and reinforcedwith three layers of each type of glass fibers, were prepared.Four standard test methods have been used to measurethe flame retardation and mechanical properties. Thismaterial conducted practical experiments to use these resinsresistance to ignition in the workshop repair of plastic partsfor the cars in the province of holy Karbala in the district ofindustrial neighborhood and hold controlled fire artificially,had been given this experience amazing results.Results obtained from these tests indicated that, addit