A Proposed Firewall for Viruses and Steganography Image


The open communication network, Internet, has problems surrounding the security of the Internet sites. Such as hacker intrusion costing organizations a large amount of money and untold losses in productivity; hate groups using the Internet to distribute their malicious works to these sites, and many other types of attacks. A firewalls strategies protect Internet sites from intentional hostile intrusion that could compromise confidentiality or results in data corruption or denial of service.This research has two proposals they are:•Build a firewall against the unauthorized intruders and viruses which have specified signatures. Depending on the SYN/ACK checkup procedure and last install a virus scanner for the data in all packets of the session by the proposed procedure which is three handshaking proxy procedure.•Build a secure web against the steganographic imags that is hidden in the authorized packets. This would be done by building a firewall, and then examining the suspected authorized packets if they contain steganographic images.