Oral hygiene condition among five years old Kindergarten Children in relation to level of parent education in Baghdad city Iraq


Background: The level of parent education has an important role in making decision about their children oral hygiene.
Material and methods: A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in Baghdad city, the total sample include 569 preschool children (318 males and 251females) aged 5-years, they were randomly selected from different kindergartens. For measuring oral cleanliness gingival condition and dental stain, Plaque index by Silness and Lِe gingival index by Lِe and Silness and stain index by Leung were used respectively.
Results: Results showed that the mean plaque index was (0.68 ± 0.018) results reveal a high prevalence of gingival inflammation (77%)with mild type was found to be the predominant, as males had a significantly higher mean gingival value than females. A higher mean gingival value was recorded among children with low level of parent education. The prevalence of extrinsic dental stain was 48.33 %.As yellow stain was the most prevalent and higher in anterior segment than posterior segment. The mean plaque index was significantly low among children who have no stain. A higher percentage of different types of tooth stain were reported in children with low level of parent education.
Conclusion: Mild type gingival inflamation and yellow stain was most prevalent at this age group.The extrinsic tooth stain was found to be predominant in children with low level of parent's education.