Architectural Elements in Historical Building in Holy Karbala City


The present study entitled، Architectural Elements in Historical Building inKarbala City has shed light on the building styles in Holy Karbala the historicalorigins and references go back to the ancient Iraqi civilization together withwhat it cantains of the stages of architecture development all over centuries.The study has included a number of architectural elements in Karbalabuildings، of which the gates which are considered the basic props in Islamicarchitecture with all its types whether the gates have been alike or with straightaxis or with reversed axis. It also studied the open field (courtyard) and thepillars and buttresses styles together with the tiles which the Muslim artisthas inspired and borrowed its types from the conical sides and shapes Iraqisinvented in the Sasani Era. In addition to this the study has also focused onthe other elements، the most important of which has been represented bythe doorstep and its types beside the joints and archs with the geometriccharacteristics of high aesthetic values found in the buildings of Karbala movingto what the study has come out with، the fact that Karbala buildings havebeen characteristized by architectural styles of ancient historical Iraqi origins