Study of the Dry sliding wear for Aluminum - Copper Alloys


In this study ,aluminum-cupper alloys were prepared ,where cupper amount was added to aluminum in different percentages 2.5%,3.5%,4.5% no overtaking degree of saturation 5.7% of the weight of cupper .Three alloys were prepared by melting and pouring in steel molds .The present research aimed at studding the effect of addition of cupper on the mechanical and wear resistance of the pure aluminum .A pin-on-Disc technique was used to evaluate wear rate of the specimens .Under variable laboratory condition represented by effect of five different normal loads and five different sliding speed on wear rate were examined for variable sliding time while hardness of steel disc was 35HRC .The result shows that the wear rate increased with increasing applied normal loads and with increasing sliding time .The result also show that the alloy Al-3.5%Cu has more wear resistance then that of other alloy .