Efficiency Improvement of Inertial Navigation System (INS) Based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN)


This research presents a new technique to increase the efficiency of inertial navigation system (INS) by using artificial neural networks (ANN) and reverse propagation algorithm to train the network, As known the inertial navigation system (INS) Shows the actual path of the plane and matches this path with the assigned flight route of the plane, which is set by the competent engineer pre-flight and saved in the aircraft memory of the inertial navigation system (INS). The actual path of the plane in the air it’s not straight but zigzag because of the difference in (temperature, density and pressure) for the layers of the atmosphere. The main work of the inertial navigation system is to match the actual path of the plane with the real path and to find a new path closer to the assigned flight route. The idea and purpose of this research are to increase the efficiency of the inertial navigational system, by using artificial neural networks. The method to accomplish this, is to represent of the (INS) work on the plane by using program (GIS) a geographic information system which is a powerful tool used for computerized mapping and spatial analysis and (Matlab, Simulink Release program). The results achieved of the modeling process, by taking three cases of assumed aviation cases for different time periods. Through reading correction ratios from the modeling process show that the ANN have the ability of showing high matching accuracy in the system behavior