Time relationship with some variables Albiokinamatic to the stage for the advancement of skill correction Fore jumping handball


The game handball of mass games and related widespread in all countries of the world where the need for players to possessing a high level of basic skills , especially the skill of shooting is the skill of the correction of the basic skills of handball because the game is based on the number of goals in determining winning and losing in addition to that it is a skill with fun for the viewer and enhance self-confidence for the players and the study aimed to:1- Identify the values of some variables Albiokinamatic stage for the advancement of skill correction jumping Fore reel .2- To identify the time period for the advancement of the phase correction jumping skill Fore handball .3- to identify the relationship between the time period of the stage and the advancement of variables this stage itself to correction by jumping skill Fore handball .I have used a descriptive approach to solve the problem in a manner survey research and the research sample included some players club SoC handball 2013-2014 AD 's and (6) players has been the main experiment to search on 11/13/2013 AD at seven pm and on Hall closed the club SoC sports in the province of Basra , were used video camera during the trial and also use your program analyze mathematical skills (Dart fish) to extract the variables biomechanical , and after processing the data to a computer on according to the statistical program SPSS Ver. 10, was reached a set of conclusions the most important:1_ the existence of a correlation between the variable angle landing and variable time advancement .2 _ the lack of correlation between the two variables increase the body 's center of gravity and time advancement .The main recommendations are:In light of the findings the researcher recommends the following : -1 _ to emphasize the need to bend the knee joint and not be exaggerated during this phase of term benefit from the main section.2 _ the need to increase the emphasis on exercise during the training modules to perform the skill of shooting jump Fore among a sample search.