Ability explosive mechanical and its relationship with some variables Albayukinmetekih And the accuracy of the scoring with players Futsal


The importance of the idea of seeking to clarify and find out the relationship between Alqoyoakaddrat explosive and how they are measured through the derivation of the necessary mechanical laws in order to strengthen the scientific information among researchers and follow modern methods of measurement, as well as to identify the existing relationship between the explosive and mechanical precision scoring ability.The objectives of the research1. identify the explosive power and mechanical accuracy and some Albayukinmetekih scoring variables among players Futsal values.2. to identify the relationship between the explosive and some mechanical ability Albayukinmetekih variables among players futsal.The researcher used the descriptive approach to suitability nature of the problem and the research community is made up of players Aphrodite Club Futsal who are third in the regular Iraqi Kurdistan Region for the season (2012-2013) and they consist of (12) for the player.The main conclusions are:1-existence of significant relationship between the explosive mechanical ability and the angle of the hip of a man Alraklh.2. The presence of significant relationship between the explosive mechanical ability and high center of gravity body.The most important recommendations were:1-emphasize the study Albayukinmetekih variables obtained from which a researcher on the positive results for use in training and education Futsal operations.2-emphasize the study Albayukinmetekih variables that did not get through Researcher