3D Presentation for Baghdad University Buildings Using Total Station Device


Many instruments and systems are available for engineering surveys. The total stations are capable of the measuring with a high degree of precision in a single instrument. Total stations device are used for station setting up, setting-out many points from one station.Their major purpose of this work is to take advantage of total station for setting up building and to establish 3D representation using AutoCAD program.The area of the study was Civil Engineering Department at Baghdad University campus AL Jadiriyah. The completion of the work is done in two stages;1.The field work: In this stage, the Total Station Nikon Nivo-5C was selected for the current study. This device was measured horizontal and vertical distance, elevations, and coordinates from a single set up. This data directly stored on memory.2.The office work: In this stage, AutoCAD program is adopted for design and establish 3D representation of the building to be completely faster and easier.Finally, AutoCAD models provided the basic building information such as boundaries, dimensions and positions. This method is used for construction surveys, designer works and other users.