Effect of the Nigella sativa oil on reducing the concentration of blood glucose level in diabetes millitus patient's in Baghdad city


The study was done on 2011 and it was carried out on 84 diabetic mellitus patients, (21-71)year old, 40 type (1) and 44 type (2) in different age groups.The blood samples were collected from fasting diabetic patients in both types for 8 hours period, the blood glucose level was measured by enzymatic method, then diabetic patients were treated orally by (2.5) ml of Nigella sativa oil twice daily and the fasting blood glucose level were measured for both types after treatment for 2 week, one month and two months period.The results showed response of diabetic patient to treatment by significance (P< 0.05) reduction in blood glucose level in different age groups with increasing the period of treatment for two months especially in diabetic patients type (2), but the reduction of blood glucose level was significance (P< 0.05) in diabetic patients type(1) at adults and middle age except the older age had no significance.