The Fisheries is one of important branches of the economics of animal production, which is an important tributary to achieve economic surplus, which is seeking from all the counties of the world. The gap between production and consumption of food is the most important challenges facing the process of economic and social development in the country, The persistence of this gap means continued reliance on abroad, which is a burden on the balance of payments, The objective of this study is measure the economic performance of the breeder fish in ponds dug in the soil of the season productive 2012 in the Baghdad province by measuring the technical efficiency of the production function for breeders and measure the efficiency of capacity for fish keepers and measuring technical efficiency and allocative and economic cost function for breeders Fish and identify the amount of waste in the economic resources. Research adopted mainly on data that has been obtained through the form questionnaire to a sample of breeder fish at the docks 152 and also been relying on secondary data published and issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Authority General Fisheries Development , as well as reports , newsletters , letters, thesis Alatarih Arabian and foreign researcher. The study has been using the system (DEAP)(A Data Envelopment Analysis (Computer) Program,Regarding fish breeders in dug basins, the results showed the averages of technical efficiency of production function in constant returns to scale (CRS) and variable returns to scale (VRS) were 77% and 94% respectively, while the scale efficiency was 81% with 84% of breeders were working in increasing return to scale (IRS), and 16% of them were working in CRS. Similarly, results revealed that averages of allocative and economic efficiency in VRS for breeders in dug basins (71.6%, 67.4% respectively). Studying the resources that achieved the efficiency using production function and comparing it with the actually used resources, we can deduce there is waist in most resources most fish breeders in dug basins work within acceptable limits of economic efficiency despite the wasting in resources. it is recommend to ideal exploitation of remoras and a heuristic courses.